Our Philosophy


Since 1991, SPA Myanmar has spearheaded many different projects in the development of Myanmar’s economy. Operating in Myanmar definitely has its challenges. For foreign investors, the need to understand and value Myanmar’s culture presents a formidable task. For locals, the appreciation of modern business practices and language is likewise a challenge. We have been an effective cross-cultural business bridge in Myanmar, and are viewed by many as one of the few ethnic Myanmar companies with international expertise.

In line with the tenth Principles of United Nations Global Compact and being as an active member, ‘Serge Pun & Associates (Myanmar) Ltd. and its subsidiaries (together, the Group) strongly commit ‘zero tolerance’ approach to all forms of corruption and bribery including political contributions, in cash or in kind to political candidates, political officials or political parties for the purpose of obtaining any benefit or favor in returns, among employees and also when dealing with clients or other third parties concerned.

We are an energetic group of professionals committed to constantly adhering to our principles. We will continue to pursue and achieve our company’s goals through a shared vision that will benefit all of our stakeholders.

  • Our Customers: We will provide customer satisfaction through the delivery of service that is consistent, fair and sincere. We shall never forget that the customer is our priority.
  • Our Shareholders: We value the trust that our shareholders have placed with us and we strive to deliver maximum return earned with integrity and customer satisfaction.
  • Our Community: We care for our environment and for the community we work in. Due consideration will always be given to safe-guarding our environment, saving our natural resources and providing benefits and assistance to the community in which we work in.
  • Our Employees: Our employees will always be treated fairly and with respect.  People are a vital resource in our organization and we shall strive to help each develop to their highest potential.