Social Responsibility

SPA Motorcycle Ltd.

Established in 1994, SPA Motorcycle is the sole distributor for locally assembled Suzuki motorcycles in Myanmar. SPA Motorcycles also maintains a network of well-equipped service centres across the country.

Yoma Yazar Co., Ltd.

Yoma Yazar was established in 2007 and manufactures Suzuki and Stream motorcycles in Myanmar. Since its launch, Yoma Yazar has quickly become one of Myanmar’s main producers of motorcycles.

Successful Goal Trading Co., Ltd.

Successful Goal Trading is SPA’s partnership with China-based Dongfeng Automobile Company to be the sole distributor of Dongfeng light trucks in Myanmar. Construction of a new sales and post-sales servicing centre in the Hlaing Thayar township of Yangon is underway, as the Group anticipates robust growth in the demand for road transport vehicles.

German Car Industries

In April 2013, the Group acquired German Car Industries, reflecting its first step into the passenger vehicle servicing business. Incorporated in 1996, German Car Industries is the premier service centre for European automobiles in Yangon. 

Mitsubishi Motors After-Sales Service Center

The Group, together with FMI and Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors, opened the first Mitsubishi Motors After-Sales Service Center in Yangon, Myanmar, in May 2013.

The opportunities for vehicle servicing in Myanmar are rapidly increasing as the country deregulates the importation of cars. With the new ventures, Yoma Strategic expects to develop a strong automotive business to better serve the consumers in Myanmar.