Environmental & Social Management System

The Group has adopted Corporate Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) which is in line with the standards and good practices of International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Asian Development Bank (ADB). It helps to manage the ESHS risks arising from the various activities of the group as well as carrying out business in a more sustainable manner.

SPA instills a culture of 'no harm, less pollution and wider conservation approaches where those approaches aims to promote a safe, clean and healthy environment and better work culture to minimize any adverse environment, health, safety and social impacts arising out of operations.

The following environmentally friendly initiatives programmes were implemented throughout the value chain:

  • Project specific resource efficiency plans are developed and implemented feasible measures for improving efficiency in consumption of energy, water and other material inputs.
  • Paperless culture across the Group and electronic communication is used where possible. This is further supported by a cloud-based file sharing system eliminating the need to print, photocopy and send paper-based documents.
  • Waste water treatment is in place by using biologically aerated filtering process.
Whenever possible, the Group aims to minimise its environmental impact and reduce its energy footprint and water consumption, while concurrently balancing its commercial needs.

Group's Environment Initiatives

Environment Initiatives Table SPA Group