Materiality Analysis

Material Issues & Group's Commitment
The Group is committed to running the businesses based on the framework of sustainable, transparent and responsible business practices. Materiality analysis is conducted according to the GRI Guidelines: Defining Materiality Guidelines and GR4 Implementing Manual to reflect the company's significant economic, environmental and social impact through the assessments and decision of stakeholders. This provides the Group more insights to develop and implement the sustainable strategy and to report in line with the interests and needs of its stakeholders.

How do we define the Group's material issues?
Materiality identification are considered and prioritized according to the impact to the businesses and stakeholders, and is defined as:

  • Consider a degree of issues depending on the Group's vision and sustainable plan;
  • The potential impact that are mostly related to Group's value driver, positions and thus on long-term shareholder value creation; and
  • The importance of an issue to the Group's key stakeholders.

How do we validate and report?
Ongoing materiality analysis validates the implementation, and monitors and reports our progress in order to ensure that it is aligned with the interest of our stakeholders. Our reporting focuses on most material issues as per the Group's Sustainability Strategy.

Materiality Validation & Reporting

Material Issue & Opportunities Matrix
Our materiality analysis is reviewed and updated annually to make sure it reflects changes in the nature of businesses we are dealing with, as well as Myanmar's socio-economic and environmental trends.
Our current assessment, shown on the matrix, was completed in 2016. It identified key issues across our value chain and is aligned to our sustainable strategy: building capacity; giving back to the communities in which it operates; creating long-term economic value and growth for its stakeholders; and ensure commercial viability without compromising the environment in the longer term.

Material Issues & Opportunities Matrix